What is the Watchers Series all about?

Originally it came about when L.A. Marzulli approached director Richard Shaw to help create a one-hour documentary about UFOs. Dr. Marzulli is an expert on the Nephilim (see below) and is a noted author and lecturer, often appearing on the famous late night radio program, "Coast to Coast AM." Richard Shaw is an award winning producer / director, and has been involved in film and television most of his adult life. The Marzulli / Shaw team was born in the Fall of 2010.

The original title "The Watchers" was reminescent of the reference in the book of Enoch, where the Watchers were the Fallen Angels that took great advantage of mankind. In today's general belief, "angels" and "aliens" may be one and the same, except that just like everything else in the Universe there are good and bad examples. According to ancient texts, thousands of years go the Fallen Ones came down to planet earth and stayed here for a specified time, perhaps several hundred years. During this time, they intermarried with the women of earth and generally wreaked havoc with mankind until they had to be destroyed. No human life in its original form would have survived otherwise. The offspring of the spawn of these angelic beings was known as the Nephilim, and they were highly regarded among men at first, towering above them in size and stature. Ancient drawings around the world, and in Egypt, seem to illustrate these creatures existed. The general consensus is that the Biblical flood of Noah came about because of the destruction the Nephilim caused, as well as the general collapse of civilization due to violence and abuse of the earth's natural resources. Because of this, they were wiped off the earth, only to come back later in a less powerful way. Could the Fallen Ones be the source of some of the UFO activity we are now experiencing in modern times?

When Watchers 1 was received with such unanticipated enthusiasm, a second film was made but this time about strange things happening at that time (2011) on the earth. The films were simply entitled "WATCHERS" with the number of the installment afterwards, and the "THE" was dropped. "Watchers 2 "included unusual characteristics with the moon, birds falling dead out of the sky, fish dying in the millions, and other unexplained phenomena. Watchers 3 went on to cover the "two sun" phenomena, as well as the Torah Codes and the Shroud of Turin mystery. Watchers 4 was a summary of various experts about the Nephilim, as well as an interview with Jonathan Daniels, the senior advisor to Danny Danon at the Kenneset in Israel. His perspectives shed some real light on what is going on in the Middle East. The film also included one of the most powerful Near Death Experiences with Howard Storm and Dr. Jeffrey Long. Watchers 5 covered a large number of new topics but closed with the infamous Black Eyed Children (BEK) phenomena.

Watchers 6, the latest in the series, was shot in Peru and has already been acclaimed as a true piece of investigative reporting on the mystery of giants, or hybrid beings with elongated skulls. Lab tests showed a coorelation with the hair from a 2,800 year old mummy and current hair from a human hybrid. Using Raman Spectroscopy, both hairs tracked at various points along the graph, while the other two control test hairs looked completely different.

The popularity of the Watchers Series has suprised everyone. We are often told about our fans having "Watchers Parties" or "Watchers Marathons" where all six films are viewed in a single evening as friends and familes gather to watch. Watchers is not supported by a large network but through the support of those who purchase the programs. This also allows us to continue posting the facts without corporate teams censoring the material.

The Watchers Series continues with production on Watchers 7 -- the topic which will be revealed later in the year.

We are grateful to all those who have supported Watchers by purchasing DVDs, and look forward to even more stunning revelations in future episodes!

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